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Towel on KD-9 to reduce kick slap noise. Never ever?

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  • Towel on KD-9 to reduce kick slap noise. Never ever?

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if anyone knew any tricks to reduce the kick slap on a Roland KD-9 pad? We live in a single level, detached house so there is no issue with floor vibrations. The kick slap is by far the loudest 'acoustic' part of the kit though. Well, when I try to play quietly it certainly is. I have young kids in the house that go to bed early, and an elderly neighbour who is unwell, so I still can't really play the kit at night. I know that it's a big no-no to use a felt beater with the cloth surface of the KD-9. I have a kick pedal with a reversible beater, so I use the plastic side. I experimented, very briefly, with placing a towel over the KD-9. This is probably an equally big no-no, but it DRASTICALLY reduced the kick slap noise levels. Does anyone know if using a towel on the KD-9 long term would cause major issues with the cloth head? I'm guessing that yes it would, but at the moment the kick noise level is the difference between me playing and not playing the kit at night (usually the only available time).

    Thanks guys.
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    I donít know but if it works and allows you to play and keep checking the head for signs of wear. If it looks like it is wearing but will take quite a while to wear through then it may be well worth it if it allows you to practice. Maybe if you put a patch on the head and then the towel?
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      nothing will happen.. i've put towels on a kd120 and towels on snare.. if that's what it takes then that's what it takes, to practice sometimes..
      i've made a ride sound on a floortom on some kits, so it's less noisy .. towels don't look 'cool' .. but who will see that ..
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        If a Remo flam pad will adhere to the fabric, then you could use a felt beater. I use one on my KD140 to help control the rebound.
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          Thanks for the responses guys. I might tentatively try the towel approach and just keep my eye on the KD-9 for any signs of wear and tear. If it doesn't go well I'll try adding the patch. Thanks again guys.
          Roland TD-15kv plus a very non-vdrummy late 60s Slingerland in blue sparkle.