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TD-8 Module on TD-11 kit, which pad types to use?

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  • TD-8 Module on TD-11 kit, which pad types to use?

    I've been experimenting with different pad settings from this table to find the best options for using these newer pads with my older TD-8 module, any advice would be appreciated. I've upgraded some of the single zone PD-8A with dualzone PD-8 Toms, otherwise the TD-11 kit is stock.

    Suggested pad types from this list for...
    PDX-8 Mesh Snare?
    CY-5 Hi hat
    CY-8 Cymbals
    KD-9 Kick pad
    PD-8 and PD-8A Toms
    Displayed on Screen Device Used (This is from the Roland TD-8 addendum)
    PD5 PD-5
    PD6 PD-6
    PD7 PD-7 (Strike position is detected) (*1)
    PD9 PD-9 (Strike position is detected) (*1)
    8 A PD-80 (Strike position is detected) (*1)
    8 B PD-80 (Strike position is not detected)
    8RA PD-80R (Strike position is detected) (*1)
    8RB PD-80R (Strike position is not detected)
    10A PD-100 (Strike position is detected) (*1)
    10B PD-100 (Strike position is not detected)
    12A PD-120 (Strike position is detected) (*1)
    12B PD-120 (Strike position is not detected)
    KD7 KD-5, KD-7
    K 8 KD-80
    K12 KD-120
    CY1 *2 CY-6, CY-12R/C (*3)
    CY2 *2 CY-12H, CY-14C, CY15R (*3)
    P 1 Pad made by another manufacturer
    K 1 Kick pad made by another manufacturer
    KIK *4 Acoustic drum trigger for kick
    SNR *4 Acoustic drum trigger for snare
    (rim shot-compatible)
    TOM *4 Acoustic drum trigger for tom-tom