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TD-20 Sudden Maximum Trigger Volume of Hat & Ride

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  • TD-20 Sudden Maximum Trigger Volume of Hat & Ride

    Hello Vdrummers! I'm new to the forum and joined up because after 15 yrs of trouble-free use of my TD-20, it has developed a very annoying issue that suddenly happens while playing. I keep all my volume sliders at midpoint & lower only the ones that give me a balanced mix in my phones. I've never needed to lower the slider for hihat or ride cymbal until recently. Without any warning, my hihat will double in volume & I notice that the LED trigger meter goes into the red. On occasion, this same phenomenon happens to the ride cymbal, too. But never at the same time.

    i've tried powering down & up again, I've tried reverting to factory reset, I've replaced the connection cables to both instruments and even tried loading saved backups from my card. Sometimes one method or the other seems to fix the issue but, the fix is only temporary and blows out my eardrums when it happens.

    If anyone out there has experienced this same problem and came up with a solution that works, please reply asap with your solution. Thanks a plenty.