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Roland CY-14C Edge Trigger Not Working

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  • Roland CY-14C Edge Trigger Not Working

    Hi, I have a problem with my CY-14C edge trigger in that it has completely stopped working. The bow works perfectly but the edge neither triggers the edge cymbal or chokes when grabbed. I am using the cymbal with a TD-20 but I've also tried it on a TD-6V with the same results.

    I've looked at other threads that talk about failed PCBs, jack sockets, jack cables and dirty edge triggers and I've checked them all and everything appears to be OK. In fact I can insert a jack plug with flying leads into the socket on the cymbal and when I press the edge trigger I can measure a change in resistance. Basically when I don't touch it the resistance is open circuit. When I press on the left hand edge of the edge trigger zone I measure about 20ohms and on the right hand edge of the trigger zone I measure about 33ohms. The fact that there is a difference makes sense as the edge trigger is essentially a long switch and when triggering on the right hand edge the length of wire between the close point and the jack socket is longer than when triggered on the left hand edge. I guess the question is what should the resistance range be across the trigger e.g. 0ohms to 10ohms? To be honest too high a resistance is the only thing I can think of that maybe stopping the edge trigger being detected.

    Has anyone on the forum seen this problem before or have any ideas how to fix it?

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    Oh dear, sounds this might be a new problem. Anyone have any ideas?