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TD6 Hi Hat trouble

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  • TD6 Hi Hat trouble

    Hi, I recently bought a TD6 to learn on., All was good until I moved the kit from one room to another. I only had to disconnect the hi hat pedal and bass. When I plugged them back in, the hi hat won't close now. When I hit the pad it's just the open hi hat even when I press the pedal. the confusing thing is that when I press the pedal, it sounds the hi hat and it will also do the sort of splash sound (don;t know the term) but I can't play the hi hat pad in the closed position anymore. i checked all the connections according to the instructions and read through the trouble shooter thing without success. I'm lost.

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    What HH pad? Cables reversed? Did you re-calibrate? (if you disassembled)
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      Do a full reset to factory settings