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TD-50 and Pintech 3 zone PC ride

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  • TD-50 and Pintech 3 zone PC ride

    I got my TD-50 yesterday. I connected up a simple 4-piece jazz setup with what cables I had, and doing so, I had a 3 zone ride, crash, 2 toms, kick, snare, and hats. I thought I was initially having problems with my snare but I fixed that.

    My problem is the 3-zone ride. It's worth noting the ride worked just fine on my TD-15 module, however when I connect it up to the TD-50, the triggering is funky. If I connect the edge and bow, they trigger properly. However, if i connect the bell trigger with it, the edge triggers the bell sound. When I reverse the cables, the edge triggers the bell, and the bell triggers the edge. I am running FW version 1.06

    Roland TD-15, MDS-20, CY-15R, CY-12R/C, CY-8 x3, PD-8+FD-8
    DIY Tama Rockstar: 22" kick, 14" Dual Zone Snare, 10", 12" & 14" Dual Zone Toms

    TD-3 > TD-10E > TD-20 > TDW-20/X > TD-15

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