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TD10 Trigger Issue

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  • TD10 Trigger Issue

    After changing the battery this morning after about (17 years), I decided to unplug everything (after about 14 years) and reset everything. After the cables were plugged back in, I sat behind the kit. After a few moments, all drums triggered at the same time. It sounded like a chord being held on a keyboard. I checked each connection and each cable. All cymbals are set to the (-) position. When I reboot the brain the kit sounds great at all settings, but after playing a bit, all drums and cymbals trigger at the same time. It freezes on the chord sound for about 30 seconds then no sound. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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    that doesn't sound healthy..

    it might be worth trying unplugging one cable at a time and testing in case it's one particular input or cable causing the problem.