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Custom patches/samples in the TD-10?

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  • Custom patches/samples in the TD-10?

    Hello out there,

    I am in need of expanding the sound palette of my td-10 to include custom patches or samples if possible. Can this be done, and if so, how? I know there is that new expansion board, but I mean besides that. Can I import samples via midi into my td-10 and play them?

    I also see that custom patches are available to download from this site, but how did those people develop their patches themselves?...I'm a bit confused here...Please help!


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    Hey dug

    You cannot import sounds into the TD-10 in any way.

    The patches that are available here are the sounds in the TD-10 that have been modified within the TD-10s parameters to a sound that people like. They then use Lee's VKitTrans program to save the parameters to disk and upload them.
    In other words, you make a kit with the existing sounds and tweak them so they sound pisser, and upload them so I can use your settings.

    One problem I've found with the patches on this site is that depending on what I'm using for a sound source, the kits all sound different. Some sound great, some don't.
    I think that the results you get from the patches will depend on how close your sound setup is to the creator's.

    I have varying sounds even when I switch from my 2 EONs to my headphones - both are quality, but both make my kits sound different.

    If you want more/better sounds, your best bet is to get a sampler and connect it to your drumkit via MIDI, and use drumsounds through that.