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Yamaha DBR12 speaker not loud

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  • Yamaha DBR12 speaker not loud

    [UPDATE: See post #5 below for the confirmation--need to use mic input or a powered mixer to boost signal]

    I bought a Yamaha DBR12 PA speaker for my vdrum kit, to replace my older/bulkier JBL Eon15 G2, and it arrived today. Looks nice, and pretty light. But, it is disappointingly MUCH less loud than my Eon, despite it being rated for a higher SPL and having a more powerful amp. Using it with a Yammy DTX700 module. When I put the module and amp volume controls both to 100%, it is somewhat loud and sound quality is very good, but it is still MUCH softer than the Eon when the module and Eon levels are only around 75%. Cymbals on the DBR12 sound like good cymbals but they don't crash like on the JBL set to a lower volume.

    It's not a bass response issue, so please don't remark on 12" vs 15" woofers. The DBR12 has higher power and spl ratings. I thought it should be at least about as loud as the Eon. I tried all 3 DSP settings (FOH, off, Monitor), made sure the hi-pass filter was off, still not very loud.

    I wanted something roughly as loud as the Eon in a smaller/lighter cab, but the DBR12 doesn't even come close. From all reviews I read, the DBR12 is very loud with a clean sound. Am I missing something here? I'm using a 1/4" phono input, not an xlr. Can't imagine that much volume might be lost with a standard phono input. Thoughts?
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    Update: If I switch input 1 on the DBR12 to Mic (from Line) it is expectedly loud. But, I then can't use it for my xlr mic at the same time (because input 2 is only line level). Might it help if I got a 1/4" phono-to-xlr cable for the drum output, using it as a Line level input on the DBR12?


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      On the right lines. I think you should try a split 1/4" TS (2x mono) to XLR adapter.
      Or failing that, two 1/4" TS to RCA cables, which will also carry both stereo channels to the RCA inputs on the DBR12.
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        Thx; gonna try something similar. I'm only using the L/Mono output. Apparently (after further research), the 1/4" phono jack in the "combo" DBR12 inputs (phono+xlr) are also balanced inputs; the L/R outputs on the DTX700 are unbalanced. Odd, because I never saw this mentioned anywhere (after much searching) and my older Eon speaker has unbalanced phono inputs. It looks like half the signal can be lost when connecting an unbalanced output to a balanced input (which usually flips the phase of one of the 2 balanced output signals and adds them to cancel line noise). So, I can either modify a stereo 1/4" (TRS) cable to cut the ground at one end and leave the ring contact floating, or use a direct input (DI) box to convert the unbalanced output to a balanced one. I'll probably try both; found a DI box for under $10 on Amazon.


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          OK, have confirmation from my Yamaha dealer. It is working correctly, and the DBRs just have low sensitivity in the balanced inputs when used with an unbalanced source. The speaker sounds great and hugely loud when using input 1 switched to Mic level input. Gonna go with that for now, but I sometimes use the same speaker for an actual mic along with the drums. Apparently I can't do that with the DBR unless I get a mixer to boost the signals. No passive cabling tricks will get full volume from the drum modules (DTX or Roland--but the TD-50 may have a higher output level; my TD-8 is similar to the DTX700 and these need the Mic input.)