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Hello from Argentina!

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  • Hello from Argentina!

    Dear drummers.
    I am writing from the argentia, so I apologize if there is any error writing. I recently bought the roland td-9 and I learned that there is a version 2.0, I would like to know what steps I must follow to install it. I would also like to know how to add more songs of practice using the USB, but I do not want to generate my list of music, I wanted to know if they know any place to download this type of themes or "loops". Thank you very much for the information you can give me. Greetings from Argentina!

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    Hi there. TD9 upgrade?
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      Hello Tuffoni, welcome to the V-drums forums. I also have the TD-9 and I am about to call Roland to get a "return authorization number". They want us to send the module in and they will perform the upgrade to V2. They try to get the unit back in the mail as soon as possible, usually one day from what I have read. I think it is $50 US. Check online for the customer service number in your area. Post some pictures of your kit if you want. We love that.
      Take care,
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        Hi Marty, thanks for replying. As I live in Argentina, a process is quite tenuous to perform a simple action, so I can not get it with Roland. My question is really oriented to know if there is any site that provides this update. Only by Roland you can get?


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          Yes, I think so now. Roland used to send it out on a usb drive, but too many people had problems successfully upgrading. There should be a way for you to contact a service center there within mailing distance. I wish you good luck, and let us know how it is going.
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            Looks like it's still required that you send the module into Roland ( That said, it's worth a try to call or email Roland, explain your situation, and see what they say. In any event, one thing you CAN easily do is to load a VEX pack onto your module -- you'll be surprised at how good it can sound after that. I would go out to their site ( and listen to some examples to hear what your module can sound like.
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