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VH-11 and TD-9 hi-hat positions resistance values

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  • VH-11 and TD-9 hi-hat positions resistance values

    I have the TD-9 v2 module. I'm trying to mod my Yamaha RHH135 to work like a VH-11.

    The Yamaha design is not a fully variable resistance design like the Roland. It's a stepped circuit. I can replace the resistors in the existing circuit and rewire the socket to make it work with the Roland module, but need some help with the resistance values.

    In the TD-9 I can only hear 4 different sounds for the hi-hat. Does anyone have the resistance range for the position for these sounds to trigger?
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    Yamaha RHH135 circuit pictures

    RHH135 circuit bottom.jpg RHH135 circuit top.jpg
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      Yamaha RHH135 resistors and capacitor values:

      R5 - 150k
      R6 - 47k
      R7 - 10k
      R8 - 10k
      R3 - 1k
      R5 - 150k
      C2 - 104 25V

      Just in case anyone is interested.
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        I decided to see if I can figure it out by putting a pot for the hi-hat control and selecting the VH-11 in the module.

        After some very rough testing, these appear to be the values for the sounds.

        20000 Ω -> 13000 Ω - Fully open sound
        13000 Ω -> 5000 Ω - Half open sound
        5000 Ω -> 2500 Ω - Half closed sound
        2500 Ω -> 50 Ω - Fully closed sound

        Above 20000 Ω and below 50 Ω the module display does not show movement and I can't notice any difference in sound.

        Do these values look proper?
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          Success! Now my Yahama RHH135 is almost working like a VH-11! Pretty happy with the results.

          Was a fairly simple process. Took a bit longer as I decided not to savage the Yamaha board and make my own board. Also the electronics store didn't have a socket like the one for the flat cable in the RHH135 so had to make an interface for it.
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            Please forgive the video quality as it was past midnight when I took this video.

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              What resistors did you use and what kind of an interface did you do?

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                I made a separate thread detailing how I made it. It has the resistor values and shows how I the interface:

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