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Problems with TD9KV in Logic Pro using Drum Designer

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  • Problems with TD9KV in Logic Pro using Drum Designer


    New to the forum and a relative newbie to V-drums so apologies if some questions seem straightforward - but looking for some advice!

    I have a TD9KV kit that we use in my band practice room for rehearsal and some recording. (I am not the drummer - but I look after all the tech for the band)

    We use Logic Pro for the recording and until recently we were simply recording the audio L&R channels straight to the mixer. However we have become a bit disappointed with the drum sounds and someone suggested using something else via MIDI. So we connected the drum brain via MIDI to our mixer - and a then with a "MIDI - DIN PASS THROUGH" to the MacBook Pro we use for recording.

    We decided to use the "Drum kit Designer" in Logic Pro as the drum sounds - as these seemed much better than the stock Roland sounds.

    This is where we ran into our first difficulty.

    Basically the problem we have is one of mapping I think? Whenever we selected any of the kits inside Logic (including the "Producer" kits) - we had a problem with either the floor toms - or the Hi-Hats. The floor toms problem was that with some kits the "mid" and "low" floor toms sounded exactly the same - but the Hi-Hats worked fine....and yet on other kits we got the floor toms to all sound different - but we had no open Hi-Hat sounds at all??

    So we basically had a choice of having one floor tom sounding the same as one of the others - but at least having a functional HH - OR - having three different floor toms but no HH - so obvious we chose the former.

    The profile of mapping being used by Logic Pro of the drums is "V-Drums" (there are only three choices "GM", "GM with scroll wheel" or "V-Drums")

    Is there something we are doing wrong to correctly map the drum sounds to the Logic Pro drums ?? As we are tearing our hair out trying to figure it out! We looked at the drum brain and ensured that the MIDI signal on the HH was set to "External" as we'd read that was important on another post.

    Then another problem was that during recording our songs, usually about two thirds of the way in - the drum sounds would suddenly go off and Logic Pro would stop recording (even though the Play Head kept moving and appeared to be recording - nothing was happening - and we obviously had no drums sounds?) Could this be because Logic Pro is struggling to run the drums and record any the same time?? (even though I have a very powerful MAcBook pro with an i7 processor and 16GB of RAM?) Should we invest in an external drum plug-in like Superior Drummer or Slade SDD4 ?? Or is this a problem caused by MIDI communication that won't necessarily go away with an external plus-in?

    Any thoughts or recommendations gratefully received!


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    Hi, I know this was posted years ago, but Iím having the exact same issue, did you get it resolved?



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      I havenít used the TD9 to trigger the drums in Logic so I canít help solve this problem. I can give feedback on this though ...

      Should we invest in an external drum plug-in like Superior Drummer or Slade SDD4 ?? Or is this a problem caused by MIDI communication that won't necessarily go away with an external plus-in?
      I have had no problems triggering SD2 in Logic or garageband, and no problems triggering SD3 standalone (havenít run it as a plug in in Logic yet), so MIDI communication from the TD9 to the VST is not a problem, once you get past the learning curve etc.

      If you look at the piano scroll in logic, youíll see what notes are being triggered. Like you, I guess it is an issue with mapping. You could go into the brain and look at re-assigning midi notes on the relevant instruments, but Iíve not messed around with tbe midi notes inside the brain, preferring to use the Ďlearní function in SD to set up my kits. I have no idea about the drop-out problem.

      There is the learning curve and cost of a VST, so I hope you can get it to work.
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        For MIDI, the Drum Module sends MIDI signals to the external MIDI Device, PC/MAC/MIDI Sequencer, etc..
        Therefore, you have to map the sound you want on the Software to the correct MIDI Note Number from the Module (preferable) or change the MIDI Note Number sent by the module when you you strike the Pad (not recommended).
        See Page 32 of the TD-9 Owner's Manual.
        I don't see a list of the Default Note Numbers in the TD-9 Manual, but the 'Standard List' matches the picture in the manual, and would look like this:

        MIDI Channel 10

        Trigger (MIDI Note)
        H1 - Kick (36)
        R1 - Kick Rim (35)
        H2 - Snare (38)
        H2 - Snare Brush Sweep (23)
        R2 - Snare Rim (40)
        R2 - Snare X-Stick (37)
        H3 - Tom1 (48)
        R3 - Tom1 Rim (50)
        H4 - Tom2 (45)
        R4 - Tom2 Rim (47)
        H5 - Tom3 (43)
        R5 - Tom3 Rim (58)
        H6 - Tom4 (41)
        R6 - Tom4 Rim (39)
        H7 - Closed HH (42)
        R7 - Closed HH Rim (22)
        H7 - Open HH (46)
        R7 - Open HH Rim (26)
        H8 - Crash1 (49)
        R8 - Crash1 Edge (55)
        H9 - Crash2 (57)
        R9 - Crash2 Edge (52)
        H10 - Ride (51)
        R10 - Ride Bell (53)
        - (25)
        R11 - Ride-Edge (59)
        H12 - AUX1 (27)
        R12 - AUX1 Rim (28)
        H13 - AUX2 (29)
        R13 - AUX2 Rim (30)
        H14 - AUX3 (31)
        R14 - AUX3 Rim (32)
        H15 - AUX4 (33)
        R15 - AUX4 Rim (34)


        HH Pedal Foot Splash (44)
        HH Pedal Position (CC#4)

        Make sure that they have not been changed.

        Then check the mapped sound to each Note No. in your software.
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          I had the same question for some time already an finally found a working solution (see post #2 &ff in the link) involving Midi FX plugin: select 'Scripter' and then edit the 'Drum kit designer remapper' to the correct note (... and save it!)

          thanks a lot to Mr. / Ms. Skijumptoes !!