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Touching up the finish on a Roland rack?

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  • Touching up the finish on a Roland rack?


    I got a TD-9 with an all metal rack recently. The pipes/bars are all a bit tired looking, a lot of the black has been scratched off from being moved around a lot. I think it was used for touring at one point.
    Does anyone have any experience touching up the finish? I was thinking of just spray painting it black.

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    Sand the rough bits smooth, then use semi-gloss black. Oh yes, remove all the rubber bits and brackets before spraying.
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      I bought all used parts for my rack some beat up a bit and colors/sheen didn't match. I drilled a small hole on one edge so I could string a wire through to handle and hang them. I used Rust-oleum Carbon Mist (metallic finish) which is a close match to the newest plastic clamps in color & sheen. I just light sanded 150 grit to prep for painting. Lots of light coats to avoid drips then let them dry a day.

      Repaint it gloss black or get creative with the finish.
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      DW9500TB HH, MDS-12X rack hardware & mounts with longer tubes and added bracing.


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        Yeah, I think I might get creative! The shells are blue fade, so maybe red and silver. My acoustic kit is in those colours. Thanks for the input!