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Using MIDI for recording TD-11 to Garageband on ipad, Can't play 2 notes at a time.

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  • Using MIDI for recording TD-11 to Garageband on ipad, Can't play 2 notes at a time.

    Need some help connecting my Roland TD-11 to my Ipad 3 (first version with 30 pin connector) for using in Garageband. I have the midi to usb cable and the camera connector. At first when I connected it, I got only the bass drum, snare and crash and ride. It sounds all faulty and misses hits. Very frustrating. Then one step closer, by turning the std MIDI Setup Lock off I can now get all the notes to register. The problem now is I can't play any 2 notes at the same time, like a cymbal and a bass drum will cancel one note out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    I think you are gonna need a better ipad.
    Nothing $500 or $600 can't fix!
    Good luck
    "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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      Sounds just amazing that you require that kind of advanced iPad to make the TD-11 working. I have been using a MegaDRUM trigger device (Which supports Apple CoreMIDI) together with the Camera Connection Kit, Apple Garageband on a iPad Mini (First edition for $300) without any problems at all!

      You could try to download the DM Touch drum app (it's free) and see if you get a better result.

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        Hi jasongitar,

        some analytical thoughts which might help you narrow down your problem. I feel, MIDI is tricky. What helps locating the problem is varying components and investigate the ipad path after verification.

        1. HARDWARE) So if you have access to a PC or notebook I'd replace the ipad for a moment. To connect your TD-11 your midi to USB cable may help; perhaps you can also use an ordinary USB cable, as the TD-30 accepts, to transmit MIDI accross USB. Drivers and manuals you may obtain from the Roland website. (See page Specifications in your manual).

        2. SOFTWARE) On PC I know about 2 ways to record MIDI (there are certainly more). Run either Anvil Studio http://www.anvilstudio.com/ to "record MIDI", or run the free version of Presonus Studio One 2 http://www.presonus.com/products/studio-one/download. Either way should show MIDI records when you play your drum set.

        3. MIDI) MIDI is control data, not audio. So MIDI can't sound, MIDI sounds wrong most of the time. To listen to MIDI data you assign Sound Fonts to a MIDI player, so the same data can sound like a piano, a flute, and may be like a drum set, depending on the instrument (=synthesizer) you assigned. Not all players seem to accept sound fonts. Anvil and Studio One do.

        4 NOTES) That can be strange. E.g. I once tried Frescobaldi, which is a tool to create sheet notes. It also could play them as MIDI. Unfortunately, it couldn't play two notes simultaneously. So, this may be related to this special software only.

        5 IPAD) Once you explored the capabilities of TD-11 in a different computer environment you know what your hardware can and can't do. So my next suspect would be the ipad and GarageBand (which I don't know about).

        6 GOAL) It looks like GarageBand, like Studio One, can also record, edit and rearrange tracks, like audio or instrument (midi). An alternative for you may may be recording Audio through USB Audio. The TD-11 manual indicates to me that it provides this option.

        Hope this helps a little.
        Best regards, Michael
        td-30 user ;-)


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          Hello all!

          Sorry, but does not enter in my mind a guy got recordind in a TD3 (old roland module) with a old version of iPad (please, see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcrcpgzxpwA )
          and i try by mini iPad + Garage band + usb cable + ipad kit cam cable + TD11 and does not works!

          Would be possible because i didn't use midi/usb cable?

          @jasongitar ,

          Did you get recording with ipad and TD11?

          Thanks a lot!

          Amauri Pimenta Junior