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Removal of MDS12V stand end cap

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  • Removal of MDS12V stand end cap

    I'm trying to remove the snare tube from the middle leg of my MDS12V while it's assembled. The easiest way is to lift the kit up and remove the bottom end cap from the leg and slide the snare tube down the leg and off the bottom. (That sentence might get me banned...). Does anyone have a hint/trick for removing the end cap? It's really tightly attached to the main leg and I don't want to damage the cap or leg removing it.

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    Use a very small thin flat head screwdriver or the flat device used in an eyeglass repair kit just to get it started and them slowly work it around. Until you get it going and then a larger flat head or a thin, thin, putty knife to finish removing it


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      If one end is open I put a drum stick inside and shake it up / down til the cap comes off.
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        Thanks for the help!


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          Yeah, either gently prise (but if you slip you can damage the lip) or better, remove the tube and shove it onto an upturned broom handle and pop it off easily. I've had some turn up glued on but the broom wins!!
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