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Roland Vh11, large spikes in sensitivity when hitting head of hihat

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  • Roland Vh11, large spikes in sensitivity when hitting head of hihat

    Not sure it its cause of my playing style (still learning) but,

    I will play on the edge of the rim, then I will strike the bow portion of the hihat, and it doesn't take much of a hit,
    For the input to suddenly spike all the way up to full.

    I tried lowering sensitivity to 5, (from 8) but it still happens.

    Am I hitting the thing wrong?

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    I know you posted this over a year ago, but I had been having the same problem with a TD4 kit and Addictive Drums and it was driving me crazy!!!!!
    I finally figured it out. If you're still having the issue, let me know and I'll help you out.


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      In the spirit of replying to ancient threads - I'd love to know how you fixed this, Pinguinoterto! I tap away evenly on my vh-11 at about 1/3 velocity with the default settings and every 20th hit or so comes out at full velocity.

      I have just pulled it apart to check for melted rubbed but the pad looks OK to me. Driving me bloomin' mental - I was hoping to spend this weekend recording with it!


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        Just FYI... he hasn't been on in a year and a half.
        visit my website:


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          Thanks Alan, I knew it was a bit of a gamble I have gone back to my cy5 instead for now since it has fewer issues. What a shame!


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            Aarrgghhh.... Two days! Two days I've tried figuring out wtf has happened to mine; super sensitivity on the central piezo and sounds like s***. Trawl through V Drum forum (splendid tho it is) and....