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Audio from mixer into camcorder

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  • Audio from mixer into camcorder

    Hey all,

    I'm looking to buy a camcorder to record myself during practice and maybe an eventual cover video. I bought (though haven't yet unpacked) a Canon HF R50 since it has an external mic jack, into which I was hoping to feed the line-out from my mixer (Yamaha MG10/2). The potential problem I'm seeing is that the line out from the mixer is rated at -10dBV, whereas the jack on the camera is rated at -64 dBV. Per the camera manual the recording level can be tweaked, but I'm wondering if I'm going to need some kind of line attenuator to bring those numbers more in line. Something like this (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...N_Line_to.html), though I would need a female-to-male version like: http://www.kvconnection.com/product-p/km-ad-trs-a32.htm

    How have you solved this problem? What do you think is the correct attenuation level? Thanks!
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    Seems the right sort of thing to use, yes. You need to drop Line level to Mic level. Same as using a DI box on stage. Make sure your choice supports stereo.
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      I don't see anything wrong with using what you have listed from bhp.
      I use one that actually has a volume control on the line itself. I adjust the level by using the camera's level meter. I have no idea where I picked up this volume control. It was in my "box of stuff". LOL.
      On my mixer I use the control room out outputs. The manual does not list a minimum level but has a max of +22. maybe it goes to -100? or whatever off is?
      I do not have to use the attenuator at all when using this output from the mixer of course. I do use it on the camera when coming out of a headphones jack of something else.
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