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Problems with a Yamaha KP65 on a Simmons SD5K... help!

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  • Problems with a Yamaha KP65 on a Simmons SD5K... help!

    Hello everyone!

    I am a father to a teenager who is learning to play drums. He has a Simmons SD5K. He is growing out of it but we have limited money. So I thought that upgrading the kick pad paired with double pedals might do for now so we bought a Yamaha KP65 and PDP double pedals. We just got it today but we found out that it seems that the when he double pedals on it at a moderate speed, it can't catch up. It only registers one beat.

    What could be wrong? Is the Simmons SD5K too weak to catch up with speed beats on the kick pad? Is it compatibility issues?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's not going to be the pad. It's just a piezo. It's going to be how the module is set up to respond to the incoming triggers, and whether it can "self-reject".
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      Thank you for your reply electrodrummer!

      I have noticed in the manual that the KP65 uses stereo cables. The simmons SD5K comes with mono. Does it have something to do with that?


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        That's only because the KP65 has an input for an external pad when used with a Yamaha module.

        It shouldn't make any difference whether a mono or stereo cable is used with an SD5K.


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          I noticed that the other pads can take fast beats. So, I plugged the kick pad into one of the toms and then assigned it to a kick sound and it worked! So now I agree... it has something to do with the module.


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            Check your module settings ( called sensitivity and rejection) for those pads, and apply them to the kick settings. Playing with those settings should clean up the triggering.

            Also, I noticed your module has a reverb function. Make sure it is not too extreme, or even turn it off completely, as it may interfere with the repeated fast pattern sounds of the booming kick.
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              Yeah, just read the manual. The module has sensitivity and rejection adjustments! Will play with it later... better, perhaps its time to upgrade the module! It has crappy sounds anyway.