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Does the CY-5 Clutch actually do anything?

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  • Does the CY-5 Clutch actually do anything?

    By that I mean, can I adjust the "openess" of the hi hat by tightening the clutch? I've got a TD-11KV kit, which includes the CY5 cymbal and PD8 pedal for the hi hat. I'd love to be able to make it little less open when I take my foot off the pedal. I've tried tightening the clutch, but it doesn't seem to make a difference to the sound (I'm running a V-expressions kit on the advice of this forum). Any thoughts or alternate suggestion to achieving the same result?

    Not exactly related, but I wanted to say a quick "thanks" to all the posters on this thread. I've learned a ton already. Nice to see communities like this still exist.

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    No, the clutch does nothing. You should be able to adjust the pedal open in the module but you will have to read the manual for that info.
    Good luck
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      To elaborate on this, keep in mind that given the cymbal/module combo you have, the somewhat limited ability to tweak the HH is a feature not a bug. In all probability, you might not achieve the desired result. A cautionary note: there's no guarantee if you went uber high-end on the HH/module combination that you'd achieve the desired result. Or achieve it easily. HH performance in edrums is probably the most user-dependent/anal/sensitive issue we continue to see.

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