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Roland TD-11's Sound Module Expandability

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  • Roland TD-11's Sound Module Expandability

    I'm planning to get this Roland TD-11 Sound Module only and convert a Sonor Smartforce Studio Set. I'm concerned in it's expandability, is it possible to make the RIDE as a 2 Zone Ride & Bell only then use the other input for SPLASH? I'll be using the Aux In as a Crash 2. The trigger inputs in the website are: Snare, Kick, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Hihat, Hihat Controller, Crash 1, Ride, Ride/Bell, Aux In (Crash2). Will the ride work with only Ride/Bell as an input? Second that I am concerned about is the 3rd sound produced by the splitted toms, is it possible to hit both splitted toms at the same time and will not produce that rimshot sound and will not cancel each other? I know there's a lot of questions about this but this isn't still clear to me and i don't have the equipments to test it out. Any form of help are greatly appreciated. Thank you