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TD30KV module on TD20X kit

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  • TD30KV module on TD20X kit

    Been a while since I posted, so this has probably been covered. How different are the pads on the latest TD30KV kit from the TD20X kit? Will the SuperNatural technology in the new module be lost on the TD20X pads? In other words, will upgrading to a TD30KV module for my TD20X kit be worth the investment? (I don't have the pad model numbers handy, but they were the last ones made before the TD30KV came on the scene.


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    The only difference in the pads are pd128 and vh13 and pdx100.
    The pd s offer better positional sensing (debatable).
    The vh13 has better sensing built for the td30.
    I never had the vh12 so?
    There are no kits built yet for PS on the toms (pdx100).
    Your pads will all work fine. I never had a td20. So?
    Not much help but, I love my setup.
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      The pads on the TD20SX are PD105X and PD125X. When used with the TD20X they are positional. My understanding is that upgrading the module to the TD30 if you have a TD20SX offers improvement. How much relative to the the cost is your decision.

      Also upgrading from VH12 TO VH13 and PD125XS to PD128XS is supposed to add improvement. Hey it's only money.

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