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Maybe CY5/FD8 hi-hat not so bad

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  • Maybe CY5/FD8 hi-hat not so bad

    I recently added a VH-11 hi-hat and Yamaha HS-740A stand to my "enhanced" TD-15K set. I agree with others that it allows for a bit more realism than the CY5/FD8 setup, but I'm not totally convinced there's anything wrong with playing a CY5/FD8 setup and in fact may actually be losing some functionality. What I'm missing is the option of locating the cymbal independently from the pedal. I did not know I did this until I started using a conventional hi-hat stand. Apparently, in the past I had the cymbal placed considerably further to my left than the pedal. Under the current VH-11 configuration I either have the hi-hat placed where I like the cymbal or where I like the pedal - not both. Probably no biggie - Iím sure I will adjust, it's just something I did not consider.

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    I have two kits, one with a VH-11 and a practice kit with the FD-7/CY5. The FD-7 is more durable than the 8 but plays essentially the same. I have to say, I have no disappointments with the FD-7. In fact I think it articulates a bit better than a VH-11. I've dialed in the VH-11 as good as it will get, and it's not better in terms of articulating open/closed. However, I do like the actual movement for live playing. I have no issues with the FD-7 not acting like a real hat when I play it; got totally used to both.
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