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td15kv setup help.

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  • td15kv setup help.

    Hey guys need to no if I can change the.instruments on my module ao it will include.a wider variety of cymbals so I can chase the sounds im after and make my td15 even more exciting

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    The base sounds are fixed. You can edit then using the editing capabilities or do what many of us do and purchase VEX packs (there is a whole section on the forum dedicated to VEX. )

    VEX packs are a pack of drum kits where the VEX team have gone in and edited the existing sounds to sound like various drums and cymbals.

    Hope this helps.
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      Agree with billgtx about the VEX kits. They include several cymbal sets that really liven the unit up. I have the TD15 and the two VEX packages for it. Use it live and at home. Good stuff. Great module.
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        Totally agree - VEX it - you'll be very pleased.