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Connecting TD-20 to Macbook

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  • Connecting TD-20 to Macbook

    If this is already covered in another thread, please direct me. My wish is to be able to connect my vdrums to my laptop so i can record what I'm playing. Ideally I would like to be able to film my sessions from my mac cam and record the audio digitally vs. recording the raw sound of hitting the pads and all other noises. I bought a midi to USB cable hoping that I could simply record the drums in garage band but no luck so far. I also tried messing with the AudioMidi app that is in mac preferences but haven't had much luck. Any one have any guidance?

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    Thé VST section of the forum covers pretty much everything. Check out the VST primer thread.
    You will need to understand how a DAW works. YouTube has many videos on how to setup GarageBand. Basically how to setup a track for listening to the MIDI channels, add a software instrument (VST) and record.

    If you have specific questions after that, feel free to ask.

    Happy drumming.
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