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Roland TD-10... Bass drum volume suddenly low

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  • Roland TD-10... Bass drum volume suddenly low

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. The volume on the Bass drum is suddenly way to low on every kit setting. I've tried plugging the snare connection into the bass pad, and I get a loud snare sound, so its not the pad. I've switched out cables. I've plugged the bass drum cable into other pads, and its low no matter which pad. (Yes, i've checked the volume setting)

    Is there something in the setup that may have gotten messed up? I'm fairly new to E-Drums.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions!!

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    Try moving the kick fader down and back up while the module is switched on.


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      Your pad type may have been changed in the trigger settings which resets the sensitivity, possibly much lower than you may have had it.
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