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TD-9 Problem Panning from Outputs

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  • TD-9 Problem Panning from Outputs

    I have a TD-9 V2 module connected to a Behringer UB1204FX-PRO mixer using the TD-9 L/R 1/4" output jacks to a stereo channel in the mixer. I had read on some other posts about pan fading and noticed what I hear through the mixer headphone jack is a mono mix. I plugged headphones directly into the TD-9 headphone jack and do hear the various drum/cymbal pads panned in my headphones. I hooked up my MacBook Pro to the same mixer stereo channel and do get channel separation with different instruments panned more right or left channel. I also checked both my cables from the mono TD-9 jack to the mono mixer channel jack and both produced a mono mix. Is there some other TD-9 setting I need to select to get the stereo mix to work correctly? I assume the Pan feature should work whether listening through the TD-9 headphone jack or sending the stereo outputs to another stereo input source. I had upgraded my TD-9 from V1 to V2 a few years ago if that makes any difference. I think I have all the testing options done to lean towards something in the TD-9 as the problem and not my mixer or cables, but if I have missed anything I am all ears.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has seen this issue and has a solution.