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Octopad - the 4 x AUX inputs .........

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  • Octopad - the 4 x AUX inputs .........

    Hey all

    Quick question - can I use the 4 x AUX inputs of the Octopad to 'expand' my E-kit.

    In other words - add 4 x single zone pads/ cymbals to the Octo AUX slots and then have them go via MIDI out on the Octo to the Midi in/thru on my TD20 module and have those pads trigger sounds in my superior Drummer program - I guess I am asking can the Octopad be used the same way you would use a TMC6 trigger convertor?


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    I see no reason why not!!! Although I haven't tried it.
    More knowledgeable folks will chime in.
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      You betcha. I don't own one, but you can use the internal sounds from the octopad or MIDI out of the octopad and into your main module and use those sounds. Although from what I can gather the newest octopad had some pretty hot sounds.


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        What Bruce said. It's been a while but when I reviewed the Octopad for dD Mag, I think I mentioned this. It's the Nov 2012 issue:

        I don't talk about it directly but again, it will do what you're wanting it to do.

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          Thanks all - appreciated.
          TD20 module off to get a new screen" tomorrow " so as soon as I can 'see' what I am doing I will be able to get this happening - thanks again