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Roland TD15 to A&H ZED10 to Yamaha DXR15

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  • Roland TD15 to A&H ZED10 to Yamaha DXR15

    I have the 3 products listed in the title. A Roland TD15, an Allen & Heath ZED10 and a single Yamaha DXR15. And I need a little direction on how best to connect them together. So, to describe "best" - My purpose is solely for jam sessions at home. I don't need stereo (yet) and I don't need a sub - at least until I hear one - haha. Everything will be in close proximity (less than 20 ft between first and last device). But I do want everything to run through the mixer so that I can set and forget the DXR15.

    The DXR15 has a 3 channel mixer and channel 2 is specifically designed for instruments that output -10dBv like the TD15. When I plug (1/4" to 1/4") straight from the TD15 to the DXR15 channel 2 input, I get window rattling loudness even at moderate volume levels on the drums.

    I'm trying to understand which input on the ZED10 would be the proper place to input my TD15. I tried running into the 1/4" jacks on Mono channel 1 but I had to jack the gain and level way up and still didn't get the kind of output (just a couple of green bars on the ZED10) I expected given the volume I got when I ran the TD15 straight to the DXR15.

    Since the TD15 manual says the output has an impedance of 1.0 k ohms, this makes me think I need to run into the XLR input on Mono channels 1 or 2. Mic inputs are in this range of impedance right? What about the Stereo Inputs 1 & 2?

    Those with this mixer or similar, what are your recommendations?

    TD-25KV, Yamaha DXR15, MG10. Senn 280HD.