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TD 30 does not seem to send General MIDI?

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  • TD 30 does not seem to send General MIDI?

    I'm using the TD30 as a controller to trigger a virtual drum module in my DAW. For some reason, the TD30 does not send General MIDI from it's MIDI out. I know this because the closed hi hat has been MIDI note F#1 for 20 years or more, and the TD30 is not sending this MIDI note to the drum module. How (if it can) do I set up the TD30 to send General MIDI, so it sends F#1 as the closed hi hat?

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    Have you tried sending MIDI via USB MIDI vs MIDI OUT? That might solve it.
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      General MIDI only says that closed hi-hat is note number 42, which is what all Roland modules send and receive: General MIDI Level 1 Percussion Key Map

      You can change it though, if you really want to; at INST, CONTROL, MIDI (TD-30 manual, Page 61.)

      (It's the octave numbers that cause confusion between different manufacturers' equipment: MIDI Note Numbers for Different Octaves)
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