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Emu Esi 2000 question

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  • Emu Esi 2000 question

    Hello, I am thinking about getting a emu esi 2000. Would I be able to use multisamples with this unit? As in, the ddrum4 megakits have several (6-8) Tom sounds that can be used when you hit the pad. Can this same type of thing be used with an emu esi 2000? If not, are there any samplers that can do this?

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    Yep, it can. You can download the manual I believe, so you can see for yourself.



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      ok, I found the manual. It shows you can set different samples up per how much velocity the drum is hit. Is this the same way the ddrum megakit samples work? As in, on the megakits that have 6-8 different samples per drum sound, are these samples triggered per different velocity? As in, on the ddrum4 if I'm using a megakit, will the same Tom sound continually be played if I hit that pad at the same exact velocity?

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        Many of the mega samples got this velocity split setup: (700 MG snare,712 DC snare ...)

        sample1 1-52
        sample2 53-74
        sample3 75-89
        sample4 90-99
        sample5 100-108
        sample6 109-121
        sample7 122-127

        Iīve seen some older sounds like the 222 snare also using crossfade but in these megakit days the ddrum4 has been reduced down to a normal 22-28 voices poly. 44.1khz sampler using no positional sensing whatever.

        The real strength in a DDrum4 is the trigger interface (and to an extent the Hihat simulation)
        The rest, an "un-expanded" sampler with no possability to create own multi layered sounds!

        (ouch! I should mention that I play a DDrum4 myself and love it! Always sounds better with true samples instead of manipulated wave tables. )

        The EMU ESI 2000 should work great!

        Here you can download the complete manual in PDF:

        (as you already did... hmm.. anybody else!?!)

        // Daniel home page: http://hem.bredband.net/b125831

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          Hey Ddrummer,
          • how did you find out those velocity values?
          • And how did you find out the poly. value?
          • What is that real strength of the ddrum hihat?


          I believe you're forgetting that some of the megakits also feature positional samples. By which I mean that you get another sample when you hit near the rim. I've heard that you can configure your ddrum to send out different midi notes for different positions on your pads. When you do not use a ddrum, you don't have that.
          I've heard Vdrums also have it, but they send out midi CC message's. That seems harder to implement when using a sampler though, but it probably can be done.

          maybe you can also check out software samplers which run on your pc.
          Anyway, there are lots of great drum sample libraries in AKAI format, so a sampler is a good choice. How many memory will you put in it?

          Tom, having fun with those colors


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            "how did you find out those velocity values? "

            You got the 'button' velocity value in the 'system' menu. You can then step through the 1-127 velocity range with the dial wheel while pressing a channels preview button. You will hear when the samples change.(itīs not ultra smooth crossovers you know)

            And how did you find out the poly. value?

            One guy with connections with Clavia claimed
            20-22 , some reviews says 28. Either way it is probably enough
            low that they wonīt mention it straight out.

            What is that real strength of the ddrum hihat?

            Good question!

            OK, I canīt say that there are not sounds in the new signature2 series that got positional features. But since the new SE mesh pads donīt have the Positional feature then why would they launch factory preset kits in the DDrum4 module using it?

            // Daniel
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            Check my VSTi project! http://hem.bredband.net/b125831