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I need help please

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  • I need help please

    Hello I recently purchased EDrums and if you guys could take the time to answer some of my questions I would apreciate it.

    I want to purchase something that will amplify me. In the price range of 500-1000 dollars. I made a kit out of acoustics and electrics so I would need something that will be as loud as acoustic drums. I perform live also so the quality would have to be verry good. The v-drum amplifier looks good but I dont think that it is out yet?

    I know that there is alot of info on this board I have searched it for a week now and I have had alot of questions answered. But I guess I just want people to say what they are using for amplification, what they have used it for, and what they like about it.

    Also after reading the board mainly C. Jude's posts I have come to the conclusion that I need to learn MIDI and sampling. I just wanted to know if there is another website that is good for beginers that are interested in sampling through v-drums.


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    I would like to add that I know alot of you would tell me to go try out different amps for the edrums. Well I uderstand that will be my final descion maker or breaker. I want to hear your opinions on the gear so I can narrow down my choices. I know nothing about amps or PA's I just know that the 6 amps and PA two spearkers my band left me do not have enough volume. I tried them all individualy and my acoustics overpower them. It sounds like they are about to blow when I try to get the levels to match. So as you can see I need a place to start at. I dont know to many music stores that would let me play an amp a drumset and a td-10 at the same time. Espeacially when my music store has all of these componants in compltely different sections of the store. I want to at least go to the music store with a list of a few amps and enough info on pricing and quality so I dont get ripped off.


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      Just as a point of reference, on those 6 amps the band left you, could you name a few or at least give an idea of the most powerful's power capacity (RMS watts) and size speakers. I wouldn't think it would take that much to match the volume level of an acoustic set. I would also assume to play a medium size gig would require the acoustics to be amplified.

      What size crowds or rooms will you typically play?
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        No my band mates are on vacation. So I would have to eventualy get another source for amplification. I guess you misunderstood me one amp is a Guitar half stake. When I turn it up the bass begins to make it sound like it is going to blow out. Another amp is a bass amp 160/200 watts swr. When I play tom 1 snare and cymbols it sounds like it is going to blow out. These are the two good amps I thought one would handle the Td-10. The PA is the thing that confuses me. Because I hear people talking about using the EDRUMS with a PA and having good succsess. The PA is Sun SR8 300p and I hooked it up to a bass 1/2 stack and a Sunn speaker that looks like it has a horn and a 10 inch speaker in it. The result was horrible sounding Edrums. The other amps will not help me they are pieces of crap. What I need is a dedicated EDRUM amplifier. Or two speakers for a PA. I have yet to play my Edrums at a small club but I guess I could plug into the clubs PA. When I talk about live playing I mean outdoor events self promoted. Any suggestions would help me or mabee if I just heard what gear you guys were using or recomended then I could do my own research from there.


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          Here's a few popular models which have had frequent favorable reviews...

          I think that, overall, they have had more positive than negative reviews. A search will also bring out some more.
          Kit Pic 1 Kit Pic 2 Kit Pic 3... And FOR SALE I have: 3 PD-9's, MDS-10 purple rack w/cables/pad and cym mounts. See classified posts for details or PM me.


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            Thank you for your time... have you played with any of these amplifiers?


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              In my opinion, the only way to get the volume you need is with good quality PA equipment.

              I'm using two Mackie SRM450's and a Yorkville 18" powered subwoofer. I've used this rig to play outdoor events with no problems. Since the horns on the Mackies (or any other good PA speaker) "project" the sound, the audience will acutally hear you louder than an acoustic drummer, even though the acoustic drums will sound louder on stage.

              This kind of setup will run you quite a bit more than the $500 - $1000 you were looking to spend, but will most certainly get you on equal footing with acoustic drums.
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                Thank you for your guys suggestions. I do not think I will mess around with samples just yet. The Edrums have became a verry big distraction from practicing drums. And it sounds like I would have to invest alot of time and money to be satisfied with the sound of the sampled Edrums.

                As for how to amplify my Td-10...after searching even more through peoples posts and doing research on my own I think I need a powered mixer or a PA/mixer and of course good un powered speakers. My band is a jam band and we play mostly outside make shift venues. We used to have a DJ and he would handle all the mics and speakers for us. The PA system I mentioned is going with the DJ so the band needs a new PA anyway so I think thats the best route. I dont want a moniter since I realy do not mind wearing head phones. My biggest concern is what the audience hears. We play in front of an average of probably 100 people. We usually play in deserts and forests. There are a few great spots in California deserts to throw some huge concerts for free. The clubs here in L.A. will have everything I need I am guessing. So my main concern would be amplifying a show of about 100 people in the out doors. I hope this info helps

                Also the main thing that I am having trouble understanding is what is the difference between a PA seperate from the mixer or an all in one system? Does the quality and power increase with a seperate system? Or is there no difference at all?

                Thanks again for your guys posts this board is great it has helped me alot.


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                  re powered wedge amplification


                  what I use in the way of amplification is a powered wedge which has a 15" speaker and a horn.
                  The wedge has a 300 watt amp built in, it is made by Behringer and it will cut it for you.
                  My band mates were blown away when they first heard the v drums through it.
                  We do play rather loud rock and it has no problem hanging in there with the guitar amp noise.
                  I also run another output to the front of house PA.
                  The wedge is mainly so we can hear the drums on stage.
                  I also use them when we do rehearsals so the guys can hear the drums.
                  I was a bit apprehensive at first if the Behringer wedge would cut it, however I must say I am impressed.

                  Thats my two cents worth
                  Hope that helps ya

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