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Isn't it weird that the cheap little TD6v brain has 100 kits and ....

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  • Isn't it weird that the cheap little TD6v brain has 100 kits and ....

    ..... a bazillion cool sound patches that none of the other more expensive modules have? Is there any way to borrow some of the patches off the TD6v and copy them to a TD10, TD12 or TD20?
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    Unfortunately, in a word, "No". Roland modules don't have the capability to import sounds if that's what you mean by "patches". However, a patch is sort of a combination of the actual sound source (sample) and the programming information assigned to it.
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      of course, the td6v wasnt cheap or little when it was released, it was the middle class brain, with Roland's usual pricing.
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        Yeah, that's a bummer. How about a 3rd party soft ware setup that can import samples and save them in a bank? Would that work?
        TD6 kit, TD10 kit, 7 piece Tama Star Classics


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          There's no such thing, at least as best I can tell from your question.

          Your only option is to record each of the "bazillion cool sound patches" as a straight up audio file using any of the usual recording software bundles. You then use something to trigger those samples.

          But you won't "import" them onto a newer Roland module.

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