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TD-3 Volume and Ambient Help

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  • TD-3 Volume and Ambient Help

    Good evening,
    I recently purchased a used TD-3KW set for my son who is learning to play. When I first hooked up the set a few days ago everything worked great. Now for some reason the snare and the kick drum only work on Ambient mode. All of the other pads work on non Ambient mode but the snare and kick only work on Ambient mode. Also while on Ambient mode, all of the pads sound normal but the sound of the kick and snare are very low. I have done a full factory reset following the owners manual instructions. I have also checked the volume to all of the pads using the Level/Pan button. The volume of the pads are set to the highest (15) on the snare and the kick. I've also unseated and reseated the cables. I've flipped through different drum sets and the volume on the snare and kick are still very low on Ambient mode and do not sound on non Ambient mode. Any ideas? Your help would be greatly appreciated not only by me but by my 12 year old son. Thank you.