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pintech questions

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  • pintech questions

    I use a td8 with pintech pads. I have two problems.
    1. the cymbal pads(studio elite) seem to have a dead spot right in the middle of the rim that won't trigger the rim sound.It will trigger on both sides of this area. Any suggestions, or is this design flaw.
    2. I have a dual zone concert cast st pad that rattles like crazy. Pintech has sent me two new ones that are all just as bad. We have tried tightening and loosening the screws, an even putting felt pads between the metal plates. Is anyone else having these problems? the pads and brain seem to work very well together.

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    Strange it has a dead spot that is split like that. I know the 102's rims are not triggered around the whole rim, there is just one area that triggers. Maybe the fsr switch is defective? Call Pintech, they are supposed to be guaranteed.

    On the rattling plates. They come with tiny little o'rings at each screw between the plate and shell. Make sure they are all there. Also make sure the screws are tight but not so tight they destroy the o-rings. Rubber will be a better insulator than felt.


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      btknkbndt - couldn't have said it better myself.



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        thanks. I actually have 6 of the studio elite pads, and all have a small dead spot within the active rim portion. As for the dual zone pad, I sent one back and pintech actually placed the felt pads between the plates. they also told me tightening the screws too much flattens the rubber orings. I have tried several combinations but still get a buzz(coming from the metal plates). None of the single zone pads are affected.


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          Another strange one. The single and duals are the same exact pad with just a piezo mounted to the shell for rim. Have you checked to make sure the rim piezo leads are secure and not rattling loose. They are just hot melt glued in place. When I used my Pintechs I remember having to reglue the leads in place. I really gooped it on.

          Test, reach below thwe pad and press your hand against the grill while striking the pad. Does this solve the problem?


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            yes, holding the bottom grill stops the buzz. I just can't do that with adjusting the screws.


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              Okay, have you tried adding small rubber washers between the head of the screw/nut and the plate to eliminate any metal to metal contact?

              I dug out some of my Pintechs and started tapping around on them. I noticed some are worse than others. Are you talking more about the plate resonating? Is this causing a false triggering or just a nuisance?


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                the pads trigger without trouble. The rim trigger is somewhat difficult, much more so than the 13" snare trigger I have. the buzzing does not seem to affect the triggering. I have long slits in the metal plate, to answer one question. the bottom plate does seem to add some resonance to the pad, but my problem is more mechanical. pushing up on the bottom eliminates the buzz.

                Anyone else notice a dead spot on the the rim of the studio elite pads? The rim triggers from about 5 to 8 o'clock, with a small dead spot near 6.


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                  It seems like there is some obvious metal-to-metal contact somewhere. It is either a screw or the plate is touching the sides of the shell. I have not had this problem with Pintech pads... They are normally very sinlent due to the heavy cast aluminum shells... Interesting problem.

                  Pintech used to use a laser-cut screen for the resonator plate and switched to the slotted plate.



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                    The ringing is the first thing I noticed when I got them.. It makes the pads about 10x louder than they would be with a thicker solid plate. This gets annoying as the tone it produces can be heard over the headphones, and I have it as loud as possible with starting to cause pain and hearing damage. Same deal the kick. Does the mesh actually make it quieter if it's the same rubber pad and foam pressed up against it? That "thump" is _always_ heard over the kick sound..

                    The only way I'd image to get rid of it is to amp the drums up to what they would be as real drums, and then putting ear plugs in.. *sigh*


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                      If this is of that great a concern it could be solved very easily. The pads are not rocket science. I converted one to an upright kick which involved replacing the metal plate with plastic. First I started by removing the plate with the trigger intact. Cut the trigger foam from the plate as closely as possible. Hot glueing the trigger foam to a piece of 1/4" plastic (cut to the same size as the plate). Inserting this in the pad as the plate was (drilling and replacing screws). Done. With a plastic plate you will not have this problem.