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  • Monitor Setup

    This does not have to do with the V-drums specifically but it does have to do with my monitor setup. A sound guy just told me that by using normal radio shack instrument cables from my Behringer mixer outs to the power amp ins will eventually cause the power amp to fry? Then I went to Guitar Center and the salesman told me that was not true. Which is it? I know you need a speaker cable to run from the power amp to the speaker, but why would I need a balanced lines to go from my mixer to the power amp? It's just a mono line signal L and R going to 2 separate inputs to the power amp. Please help I can't afford to blow the power amp!!!

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    The sound guy didn't know WTF he was talking about. Your Radio Shack cables will work just fine, although I can't speak for the longevity or durability of the cables themselves.

    Bottom line: You won't hurt your amp or the mixer. Your assumptions about the applications for instrument cables vs. speaker cables are correct. Don't worry!


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        fartknocker is right on the money. your soundguy is a moron.
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