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Two Brains! Let's Talk Bicamerally!

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  • Two Brains! Let's Talk Bicamerally!

    I own both TD-11 and TD-9 modules. Can I run them both on a TD-11 mesh setup and switch back and forth between kits? Or is there an easier (and cheaper) way to accomplish this? Thanks!

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    Hmm, there is one approach that involves using MIDI and a mixer, but no single-switch solution.

    The TD-11 has MIDI OUT but no MIDI IN. The TD-9 has both. To communicate via MIDI between the modules, you would have to run your pads into the TD-11, then run the TD-11 MIDI OUT into the MIDI IN of the TD-9. This will allow the pads of the TD-11 to transmit MIDI from the TD-11 into the TD-9. Since the TD-11 has no MIDI IN, you can't run the MIDI signals the other way.

    Make sure the TD-9 and 11 are sending/receiving on the same channel (the default for drums is usually channel 10). Then simply run both the TD-11 and the TD-9 into a mixer having at least 2 input channels. When you want to play the TD-11, simply turn the TD-9 down, and vice versa.

    Bear this in mind: Because the TD-11 has fewer trigger inputs, you'll be a little bit limited with this configuration. If you have more pads than the TD-11 has for inputs, run those into the TD-9 ,so you'll at least be able to use them when you play that module (the TD9). However, bear in mind that those inputs will not transmit back to the TD-11over MIDI.

    If you don't have a mixer, you can rig the TD-9 to output sound from either the 11 or the 9, but it will take a bit of setup. Run the audio out from the TD-11 into the Mix In of the TD-9 (simplest solution is use the headphone out of the 11 into the Mix In of the 9 using stereo audio cables) . When you play the TD-11, its audio will go into the TD-9 and be heard from the audio out of the TD-9. However you then need to tell the TD-9 not to play the MIDI data its receiving from the TD-11, or you'll hear both at the same time. Either pull the MIDI cable out, or change the MIDI channel on either the TD-11 or 9 to a different channel so the TD-9 doesn't receive the MIDI data from the TD-11. Pulling the plug is easier. If you want to hear the 9 but not the 11, turn down the Mix In on the 9 and keep the MIDI cable plugged in so the 9 receives data.

    Unfortunately, these solutions don't give you a single-switch solution, but they do work. The simplest solution above is to connect via MIDI and use a small mixer with the audio outs. You can probably get one on eBay for $50 or so. Again, when you play the TD-11 you’ll be limited to its number of inputs, but on the TD-9 side you’ll have them all. If you want to increase your input count, you can utilize the total input count of the two modules in this MIDI arrangement, and you should be able to map individual MIDI notes on the TD-11 to access whatever you want on the TD-9 for a huge setup. However, this won't address the question above, but can be a different kind of fun!
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      Midi them together and get a mixer. You'll have much more fun stacking 2 sounds on one pad than having diff pads trigger diff modules one at a time.

      You can experiment with tuned sounds on one module, percussion on the other, and get a mixer with an effects send and process the sounds differently on each module... All a lot of fun. I use a cheap behringer mixer and a some outboard effects. I have a td30 and a emu rack synth module - or use a laptop or lately ipad.

      I go one step further and have a sustain pedal for my emu so I can do sustained notes.