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Let's talk about hi hat pedals ... the FD-8 in particular

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  • Let's talk about hi hat pedals ... the FD-8 in particular

    I have one with a TD6 kit and the hi hat control is the worst part of the kit. To keep the hi hat closed, I have to keep a lot of pressure on the pedal and the in between sizzle is just about non exsistant, it's basically either open or closed. I've tried every adjustment to try and make it work better but no luck. I've recently picked up a TD10 kit with the FD7 pedal. That pedal works great! The thing is, I'm not sure if it's the pedal itself, the better electronics in the brain, or the actual VH-11 cymbal, but I can get a real life like sizzle in the in between open and closed modes. Once I get my TD6 kit set back up I plan to swap the FD7 pedal in place and see if that fixes the prob on that kit. I'm using a PD-8 for the hi hat pad on that kit.

    In your opinions, is the FD7 indeed a superior pedal over the FD-8 ?
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    There is a fix for the FD8 in this forum if you search on it. It is a couple of years old. It involved putting a piece of foam tape I think under the piezo and also a cable tie around part of the pedal. The fix worked great. I could get splashes, open, and closed hits and the volume also improved.
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      Yes..the 7 has always been declared the better of the 2. Yes there is a fix for the 8....but there is no piezo involved at all. It uses an FSR as a trigger. A good cleaning and greasing will help it too when you do the mod.
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        Another thing that helps with the FD series is the set screw that varies their travel.
        Set them for the widest possible travel, then calibrate your module, that makes getting nuances a lot easier.
        Only helps on modules that allow calibration though.

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          It's the FD-8. It has a known issue and fails after awhile. You can easily take it apart and get it working like new. There are good videos on YouTube for that. Or, do like many of us and buy an FD7 used for less on eBay, and it will last you a lifetime.

          Good Luck!
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