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HH problems w/ TD-10 expansion

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  • HH problems w/ TD-10 expansion

    I just installed the new TD-10 Expansion card, and I am having problems with my hi hat pad (using a PD-7). Everytime I hit the HH pad in conjunction with the foot pedal, the sound comes out as a different pitch. I've tried playing with some settings, but it is still happening. It is happening on all the HH sounds I have tried. Any suggestions?

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    Sounds like your HH pad is now selected as a pitch bender voice with your HH pedal. This is a new functionality of the TDW-1 and how to select and deselect voices is covered in its manual.
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      you can change the pitch of the pedal and the open hit independently now.a great feature.the pitch of the edge can be changed aswell.manual covers it.
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        Thanks guys for your help.
        I've got A LOT to learn about this expansion thingy.