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Pintech CC102ST dual trigger question

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  • Pintech CC102ST dual trigger question

    OK, I just setup my v-club set for the first time and , yes, these are very cool. I added a Pintech cc102st dual trigger mesh head as my snare and it seems that the volume for it is lower then the PD-6's. I know that I can change the volume of each trigger but will I have to change the volume for each drumset in the TD-6 that I want to play? Does the PD-120 dual zone better as a snare?
    I am using a Pearl P-100 with the KD-7 and have noticed a bounce from the mallet at times. How might I solve this issue or should I switch over to another pedal?
    I know this might be a mute point but I would like to hear the opinions of experienced V-drummers.
    Thanks for your advice.

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    If your CC-102-ST was new, it should have come with a sheet telling you what settings to use with your module. I also have a TD-6 and Pintech mesh pads. I set the module to the pad type and sensitivity required. I do not recall what they are now.

    I constructed a bracket to mount the KD-7 in an "acoustic" position so I could use a standard pedal and beater. I also have the Pearl P-100 beater. I recommend you do this or look at a vertical kick trigger like the VertiKik or CK-V from Pintech. I have had both but I prefer the CK-V because of the feel. The VertiKik is an ErgoKik trigger mounted om a steel bracket. http://pintechusa.com/New_Pintech_Si/components.html
    Tony Carlson at Pintech is very helpful with setup of your module (phone 800-445-0506)

    I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!