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PD-8 sometimes doesn't trigger

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  • PD-8 sometimes doesn't trigger

    I have a pd-8 with a handclap sound on it. I sometimes use this at the same time as my snare to add the extra clap. But sometimes i most likely hit both pads at exactly the same time and then the pd-8 doesn't trigger, no sound. Pad settings are correct in the td-20, any settings i should test?

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    Reduce Xtalk Cancel on the PD-8 input (or put the PD-8 in a different Xtalk Group from the snare):

    If the value is set too high, and two pads are played simultaneously, the one that is struck less forcefully may not sound. Be careful and set this parameter to the minimum value required to prevent crosstalk.

    (TD-20 manual, Page 47.)


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      RTFM. Thanks will play with that.