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Importing different sounds TD-30

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  • Importing different sounds TD-30

    Ive been reading and searching for away to import sound effects in to my td-30...I missed something and now my hand is raised LOL!!!

    Thank You!!!!
    TD-30K / Roland SPD-SX/ DW3000HH / Pearl 2X Pedal / Rock-N-Sock Throne

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    It is possible to play a SINGLE wav (triggered) from a USB stick - but that is all. Accessing external sounds is not a feature of the TD-30. or any Roland module to date. That said, it is possible to TRIGGER external sounds driven by an additional source via midi.
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      Thank You Alan!! That clears that mess up I LOVE the TD-30..
      TD-30K / Roland SPD-SX/ DW3000HH / Pearl 2X Pedal / Rock-N-Sock Throne


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        I was hoping to be able to do the same thing when I upgraded from my TD-10 to the TD-30. I'm not up to speed with MIDI and thought this might provide me with sounds that I could add to some of the covers that we do in our band. I was disapointed that the TD-30 doesn't even include some basic melodic "instruments" like keyboard or synth sounds that could be made into a pattern that could be saved and played from a trigger. Even the TD-10 had some of those options available. At any rate, I'm in the process of adding an SPD-S to the kit - rack mounted just above Tom 4 - which should provide anything that I might need.