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PD-7 and Alesis D4

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  • PD-7 and Alesis D4

    If the answer to this question has been answered a thousand times before just give me key words to find it with the search function.

    I just won an Ebay bid on a Roland PD-7. I have an Alesis D4 module. I'd like to utilize both of the dual zones off of the PD-7 for different sounds. From what I understand, the PD-7 has 1 stereo 1/4 output. Is it just as simple as buying a single 1/4 stereo male to a double 1/4 mono female adapter and sending the monos to two different trigger inputs on the Alesis?


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    The PD-7 has one piezo trigger for the head and one FSR trigger for the rim. You have to check your D4 if it can accept FSR triggers.

    And yes you can use a Y cable from stereo to two mono connectors.


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