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Playing Backing Instrumrnts from pads?

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  • Playing Backing Instrumrnts from pads?

    Is it possible to trigger the backing instruments from a pad? If so, how to I add those sounds to a kit?

    Thanks a lot?

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    I'm using a td-8 module. I'm trying to add to the possibility of sounds that I can trigger from the module and would like to access the backing sounds such as the strings, Syn. EFX, Syn. Pads, and SFX.

    Are these available to trigger from a pad?


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      I don't have the manual in front of me but I can remember from looking it up so dang many times that "Pad Pattern" options are described on page 139 of my TD-8 user's manual. It's pretty easy.

      The trickier thing for me is getting the dang patterns into the machine.

      You can use the pads to play/enter the pattern if you want or you can enter them from an external midi device--computer, midi-compatible instrument etc.

      In my recent experience I have created a steel drum bass pattern from the pads and copied it to PART 1 on the sequencer (see http://www.vdrums.com/discussion/For...ML/001460.html for the long and painful description of how I did this) and then assigned the pattern in tap mode to my bass drum pad (see p139!).

      I have also created patterns on my computer using a fractal music composition software program and then imported those patterns to the TD-8 sequencer via midi. After I imported the pattern to PART 1 I then assigned a new sound to this part (celeste, I think...) and went through the process on pg 139 to assign this pattern in 1-shot mode to a specific pad. Now when I hit that pad it triggers a sequence of notes played on the celeste.

      If you only want ONE note or one chord when you hit a pad (like a brass hit or something), you can still do it via the pad pattern option just be sure that there is only one note in the pattern instead of a sequence of different notes. (A measure of 1/4 would do it, or 4 beats of the same note/chord in 4/4 and set the pad pattern to "tap" mode.)

      Good luck!

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        That makes sense....thanks a lot .