Wanted to create a new post out of this, since I think it contains some important info for those who want to try this:

Working with TD-6, VST 5.1 and triggering Proppelerhead Reasons drum module through REWIRE. Working almost flawlessly. Took me about 6 months of experimentation to finally find the right sound card, the right software and the right configs.
First of all, with a Delta 1010 you can get your latency down to 5 ms (which is not noticeable) at 44.1 khz and buffer settings of 256k I believe. You can get it even lower than this, but the audio may start choking, especially if your using effects. I find these settings a good happy medium.

Here is the kicker: Most people think latency is the problem, but really it is your audio to latency settings inside of cubase. The TD-6 requires a setting of about 95 ms. THis offsets the midi so that when you record and playback your recording, the 2 sync properly. God it took me forever to realize this!

Now I can monitor my playing through cubase with effects on the samples I have loaded into Reason's drum module (ReDrum). Only thing I havent figured out yet is how to get the hi-hat pedal working properly. I'm looking for a workaround on this. I will let ya'll know when I do.

If you have any questions about running a set-up like this, give me a reply. Thanks!