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TD-20 Expanded - Boot Up Issue (New Battery)

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  • TD-20 Expanded - Boot Up Issue (New Battery)

    Hi all,
    I've been a member at vdrums forum for several years, but haven't posted a whole lot. I see my profile shows I'm a "new" user so I assume there was some sort of reset to the message boards some time back.

    I do have an issue I was hoping some of you could assist me with. I have a TD-20 Expanded module I bought used a while ago and never got around to using it. Recently I had an audition to prepare for and needed to get my Vdrums up and running to rehearse. When I powered the module up I got a screen shot that read: "System Initialize. Clear all data and load factory preset data. Press F5 to Execute" (see photo attached). When I selected F5 and executed the load the following message popped up: "Warning. Backup Battery Low!"

    Assuming that the backup battery was indeed low, I purchased a new (proper) battery. I found a tutorial on YouTube how to change the battery and I did so as per the instructions. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem with the warnings that pop up. Each time I power down the the module, I have to work through these prompts and reload any pre-made kits from the CF card. Obviously this is not the end of the world, but it is very inconvenient. I believe I read somewhere that this was a known issue with the TD-20s and the only fix is to send the module in for servicing. Can anyone verify if this is true? I can't find that information I read about the "known problem". With this module being so old, I'm certain there is no warranty for it, but if this is a known issue, does Roland make these repairs at a low or zero cost? Or, is it possible I've done something wrong with installing the new battery? I'm certain I put it in correctly and I check the voltage of the battery I replaced and it reads a full charge. I don't believe this problem is because of a dead or low battery.

    I appreciate any assistance you can offer. Including reputable (and quick) service locations.


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    Unfortunately, your board will need to be re-flowed. There was a known breakdown due to a specific soldering technique use in production. Contact Roland, and ask them if they can provide the service for you. I had to do it. Only took about a week to send/receive, but that was years ago. Hopefully, they will still offer the service. If not, try searching. There was a member here that did it himself. I think he mentioned how, and you may be able to have a local shop do it.
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