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    I have recently upgraded my td-10 and a problem that my sound engineer found is this:
    I am sending the snare out left 2. When we remove the wire for left out 2 the snare is found to be sent to out left 1. If we remove out left 1 instead we find that most of the snare is lost through left out 2. How is this possible

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    How have you set up the snare's panning?

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      for example,,,,,you want to put your kick on track 1 and your snare on track 2.you could use master,direct1,2,or3.you need to asign kick to left or right of pair.same with snare.so it would be leftside kick,rightside-snare.go into control room,mixer,pan.....put kick hard left and snare hard right.email for more info if needed.good luck.
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