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CY-12H Response After Update of TD-8

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  • CY-12H Response After Update of TD-8

    Hello everyone. I just got my v drums a month ago. I have enjoyed reading all the posts on this site; you all have helped me with a lot of issues. The one thing that I have been disappointed with after my purchase is the response on the CY 12H hi-hat, so I went ahead and updated my TD-8 with the new software. (Easy as pie).
    The response after the update is better, but still not perfect. I am wondering what other owners that have updated there TD-8 have experienced.
    The thing is that if you play with a triplet type feel on the edge of the hi-hat, you loose your third note of the triplet. It works a little better after the update but still not perfect.
    If I lower the position of the hi-hat and play more on top I get the triplet, but I kind of like the feel of playing the side and top of the hi-hat depending what part of the beat I am on.


    Thanks in advance

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    Check/change your module's "retrig cancel" setting on the hi-hat pad.
    I'm a drummer. I don't play the timpani! Hire a percussionist!!!