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Home stereo to TD-8

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  • Home stereo to TD-8

    I saw an illustration in the manual to hook up the TD-8 to a home stereo. Yet, they fail to specify what kind of JACKS should be used. I have RCA jack on the back of my stereo. Does anone have a clue as to how we can hook the sucker up to a stereo?
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Scoot,

    Just buy (or solder) a cable that convert from the RCA-jacks to the ones that goes into your TD-8 and it will work.

    I don't know exactly about a TD-8, but my old TD-7 has a very high output. Preventing of blowing up your amp, do the things in the following order.

    - turn the volume or your TD-8 to zero
    - startup your TD-8
    - startup your stereo
    - turn the volume of the stereo half way up
    - adjust the volume of your TD-8.

    Groeten, Peter

    My bands: Meneer Van Zanten and The Shed (sorry, both in Dutch but you can see the pictures and listen to our songs)
    My bands: Meneer Van Zanten and The Shed (sorry, both in Dutch but you can see the pictures, videoclips and listen to our songs)


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      1/4 inch to rca......you can get these at radio shack etc...
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