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TD12 + Superior Drummer vs. TD30

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  • TD12 + Superior Drummer vs. TD30

    Hi there,

    looking for a TD30, I have now an offer for a TD12 with Superior Drummer 2.
    Having listened to a variety of SD Examples it seems to sound very good.
    IŽd like to know if there are some guys having experience with this combination - and even better in comparison to a TD30.
    Having played acoustic drums for over 15 years I do attach high importance on positional sensing (e.g. a snare behaving like a real snare) etc.
    The TD30 does a good job on that - is the TD12 with SD a real competitor?


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    A VST will be miles away in sound reproduction compared to any module.

    A module will always be more portable, so for gigs, they are easier to deal with.

    Consider the 2Box for the best of both worlds.
    The portability of a module, and the sounds from a VST.

    The downside: no PS. Although PS does help a little in recreating a snare, it is NOT like the real thing.
    My advice is to try one if you can, and judge for yourself if PS is worth it.
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      Idk I've tried a drum it five and I've tried the td-30k... even with the lesser pad and ride cymbals I was sold... why not do both? I have slate drums platinum 4.0So if I can't program a good enough sound into the td-30 which will be easy to do for anyone who's worked with recording real drums - I can simply load tom/kick/snare samples up nothing can touch the td-30 in terms of cymbals... the closest to real yyou're going to get.


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        In a Germany drummer forum, there once was a comparison with sound examples - and a flame war started! So I guess it's up to your ears only!
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