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Mr. Computer Meet Mr. TD-8 (Midi experts, I could use your help!)

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  • Mr. Computer Meet Mr. TD-8 (Midi experts, I could use your help!)

    I am trying to get my computer and my TD-8 to talk to each other.

    My computer is an HP 750n or something like that, running Windows XP home edition.

    I bought a midi-cable that connects the joystick port on my HP to midi in and out on the TD-8. I would like to transfer midi files on my computer to the TD-8 sequencer (the files are short sequences, only one track at this time).

    I can't seem to get these two devices to recognize each other.

    I downloaded midi-ox thinking that this would help. I tried to execute the bulk dump process described at http://www.tdi.formativ.net/syx.htm but was unsuccessful. The TD-8 said "Bulk Data Transmit Complete" but Midi-OX didn't seem to recognize receiving anything. (I did make sure to turn "Pass Sysex" on.)

    Does anyone have any suggestions (other than RTFM)?

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    I pulled a "no brainer" at first with my setup. I plugged "in" to "in" and "out" to "out" on the TD-8. Turns out I had the "midi in" cable in the "out" jack and the "out" in the "in". That is how the cables were marked but that is not how it worked. After the switch everything worked fine.
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